Monday, September 24, 2012

No breath

There is no way to really express how excited I am for this.
I will cry so hard for so many reasons.

December can't come soon enough.

Got some beef

I'm just going to complain.

I went home to PG this weekend.
       Came back to find all but a gulp of my almond milk gone.
Before I left I told my roommate she could use my milk if she needed (I bought almond and cow milk last time I went to the store).
       I just watched her put her mouth on my carton and drink.
I went to buy a parking pass and they were "out" of the ones for my building so I now get to park across the highway for the whole year. 
      It's mostly inconvenient.
I swept and vacuumed the whole apartment on Friday.
      Wait, did I do those things? 
Doesn't seem like it...
I forgot all my cutest bras at home.
      This is sad because fancy bras can make or break a day sometimes.

There are days that I want to live by myself.
But mostly with my tidy, loving, awesome family.
I miss those guys.


Thursday, September 20, 2012

33rd day

I've been in Logan for a month now.
I miss my family and boyfriend but i like it here.
I am becoming better friends with my roommates every day.
They're all pretty weird.
But weird is good.

Also, I just watched a movie called Romantics Anonymous.
I loved it.
If you have Netflix and liked Amelie I totally recommend it.
It was sweet and funny and in French so that is cool.
If you have the time to watch it tell me what you think!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Conversations of my life

I work at a place called Pizza Plus.
Today an old man came into the store to pick up his medium pizza.
This is how our conversation went.

**OM stands for old man**

OM: I'm here to pick up my pizza young lady.
Me: Okay, what's your name sir?
OM: Well it's the pizza waiting for me. I'm the only person here!
Me: Ohh kay. *grabs pizza out of the warmer* Is this it?
OM: *slams check on counter* It sure it. Was that so hard? I also want a drink. 
**he didn't order a drink so I proceeded to go into the computer and change his total**
OM: Now you don't need to go into the computer for that. I did it in my head and that is enough for a drink. I'm pretty fast huh? Don't need a damn computer. And here's a tip for you! *hands me a quarter*
Me: Oh thanks! Yeah you're right and smarter than a computer. *hands him his cup, start to walk away*
OM: Have you seen all the damn gunk in this valley today?
Me: Well I haven't been outside for a couple of hours. Is it bad?
OM: You need to go out the door and see all the gunk. Yes, go out that door and see for yourself!
Me: *proceed to be confused and look outside* Wow that is bad...yuck.
OM: So where do you live?
Me: I live in Logan but I'm originally from Pleasant Grove.
OM: Well you need to move here! There are some crazy people in Logan and especially PG.
Me: But I like it there...
OM: No. No no. Just get out of there as fast as you can.
Me: Okay, we'll see.
OM: What are you thinking about studying?
Me: Psychology. It sounds fun.
OM: You don't want to do that! There are already enough damn crazy people in this world we don't need to look into their heads. I taught a construction class at Bridgerland for 18 years and do you know what I would say to my students every day? If you have this *points to head* up this *points to butt* then there's to door. And you know what? I have 6 students that are worth 20 million dollars.
Me: That is so good for them. But I still think psychology sounds interesting.
**a girl walks into the store to order bread sticks**
OM: *to the girl* Do you know what this lady wants to go into? Psychology! But you know that knowledge isn't going to be useful in the next life. We're all going to have celestial minds and we're not gonna need anyone to analyze our heads! Damn crazy people. Why would you want to do that!
Me:......yeah...I've got to go make some pizzas so enjoy your dinner! *thinking to myself runrunrunrun*

It was great.
The funny thing is that he came in last week and we had almost the exact same conversation.
Right down to the damn crazy people.
Great fun.
Great, great fun.


I kinda miss this place.
But I never know what to post.

So here is a video of a screaming sheep.

I've watched it at least 30 times.
I even made a ring tone out of it.

I love this sheep sooooo much.