Sunday, June 19, 2011

Day of the Fathers

Happy Fathers Day to my

hard working


Friday, June 17, 2011

Boys Boys Boys

"Woman are carzy. Men are stupid. Women are crazy because men are stupid."

Probably the truest words I will ever read.

Monday, June 13, 2011

How Old Are You?

It's this guys birthday...

He's my pops and I love him lots.
We usually do crazy stuff together.
He taught me how to tell stupid jokes...

For example, if we happen to be talking about noses,
don't be surprised if one of us says "that's snot funny"
or something dumb like that.

He helped me learn how to do a bunch of computer stuff
that the rest of you wish you could do,
and how to love.

Happy Birthday to my favortie dad! (;

This love has been a long time in the making.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Chick Code

I have just discovered the Chick Code.
It is like the Bro Code but probably a lot cooler.
You may check it out here.
The funny thing is that most of them are completely true.
My favorites are:

9) A Chick will drop whatever she's doing and rush to help her Side-Chick when and if she gets dumped. Things required to ensure maximum comfort for your dumped Side-Chick: a shoulder to cry on, arms to hug, things to break, tissues, chocolate, alcohol, chick flicks, angry chick music, popcorn, mani/pedi kit, facial kit, and words aimed to describe what a douche what's-his-face was.

37) A Chick always reserves the right to get miffed if her male companion does not exhibit gentlemanly conduct (i.e. not opening the door for her, not pulling out her chair for her to sit down, not offering to pay, etc.)

72) A Chick always spell-checks.

89) A Chick does not work in the kitchen, nor does she make/bring her man a sandwich.

112) Should a Girl Power song come on, a Chick is expected, at the very least, to shriek about how much she loves that song.

122) A Chick lets guys win half the time. Enough so that he doesn't get bitter, enough so that you'll still feel good about yourself.

139) Chicks are smarter than guys. It's a scientific fact.

You go, girlfriend!
Couldn't resist....

Saturday, June 11, 2011


I really hate research papers.
They are dumb.
Also, summer school?
Probably not a good idea.
^ = my life

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My Life

My ward has Youth Conference tomorrow.
We're supposed to drop off our bags at Nat's house right now.
I haven't even started packing.
But I did make a killer poster!

igyb means I Got Your Back
There's glitter on the letter and the blue stuff, it's yarn
Gotta love it.

Also, this song has been stuck in my head all week.

But I love it so it's not a much of a problem.
The Cure makes everything better.
Pretty sure they were very smart with the band name.
Cuz they cure all my bad days.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

gb5t jn3eh7udesc

some t8imes, you just go9tta ty0pe wit6h your nhose and hope thyat peopke unwrstaand.

Then you bang your head on the key board.

bmjn6yt74r 5ehnm77erdrto0pub n

It's a stress reliever. 

P.S. I'm kinda obsessed with this blog. She is amazing. Check it yo.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Summer Bucket List

List Week is coming to a close.
So I will end it with one more list
Summer 2011 Bucket List!!!
  1. Hike Timp
  2. Run a Half Marathon
  3. Write a song or two
  4. Read ten books from this list
  5. Backyard slumber party in a tent
  6. Go to a concert
  7. Have a lightsaber fight in a public area
  8. Picnic in the woods
  9. Buy new clothes
  10. Have a dance party in a parking lot
  11. Run through the sprinklers
  12. Sew a dress
  13. Have a tea party
  14. Go to the Dutch store in Salt Lake
  15. Drive-in movie
  16. Send a letter to Jazzy in Hawaii
  17. Orange slide at Seven Peaks..yikes
  18. Catch a fish
  19. Sign the top of the G
  20. Eat a chicken heart
  21. Change something about my room
  22. Eat fruits and veggies every day
  23. Learn how to say "may the force be with you" in three languages
  24. Make a new friend
  25. Make a music video to the beard song
  26. Surprise someone with a sweet treat
  27. Make a kite and fly it
  28. Increase flexibility
  29. Eat sushi from Happy Sumo
  30. Go to the mall and pretend to be from a different country
  31. Decide what I wanna do with my life
  32. 25 followers
  33. Have a Star Wars marathon
  34. Make a hammock and sleep in it
  35. Dance in the rain
  36. Make the perfect paper airplane
  37. Make a movie with Anika
  38. Touch all the beards I can
  39. Watch many 80's/90's movies 
  40. Frolic through a field
  41. Tell everyone I love that I love them
Well it looks like I have a lot to do.
Have a happy summer!!
Make a bucket list (:

Friday, June 3, 2011

Exciting List!!!!

Keeping with the spirit of list week, I will still have a list today.
But you must know lots of exciting stuff has been going on in my life since yesterday.
And by lots I mean like two things.
So here is my exciting list of maybe two things.

1. Last night, mom and I made a quick Walmart run at 11:30 pm to grab some stuff for Matt's birthday.  We were just about to check out and I needed some lotion so naturally I went to the lotion aisle and guess who I saw...Rick Buck with his girlfriend/fiance/wife Melanie! For those of you that don't know who the heck Rick Buck is, he's from the Mormom Bachelor. Our friend, Erin Spencer, was one of his dates so we watched the whole season. I just stared at him while we were in the lotion aisle, and I think he was getting a bit suspicious. I ran to tell my mom who I saw and she was pretty doubtful because last we heard he was living in California. We get to the car after the paying is done and start to pull out, I'm all fidgety and excited, and who walks out of the entrance?? Rick Buck of course. I start bouncing all over, pointing, maybe shouting a bit...who knows. Some how I convinced my mom to stop and roll down the window so I could say I'm glad you guys are together, sorry for staring at you, and what the heck are you doing in Cedar Hills. We then had a nice lil' conversation with Rick and Melanie and they had a nice chat with some strangers at 11:55 pm in the dark parking lot of Walmart. I love my life.
This is Rick and Melanie. 

2. It's Matthew's Birthday!! He's so stinkin' cute. The other day he said to mom, "I wish birthdays weren't about presents and stuff, just about love."! Then we said.."So it's okay if you don't get presents?" And he decided he actually doesn't mind them. Cutest <3
P.S. This is at Manila's Dance Festival from Wednesday. He cracks me up.

3. I'm having a sleep over/weekend party with my long lost neighbors the Fordham's!! Been looking forward to this weekend for a month. Karissa and I and sometimes Conner had the best of times. But that's pretty obvious, only the cool kids have water balloon boobs.
Cutest little 7 year olds ever? I think so.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

S-W-C List

Here is a list of things I Shoulda Woulda Coulda done today...but just didn't.

1. Cleaned my room.
2. Gone running.
3. Exercised at all for that matter...
4. Written a dang 8 page research paper. I will be up all night. Thank you laziness.
5. Watched the Dick Van Dyke show or Ever After or both, maybe.
6. Cleaned my bathroom.
7. Done some crafty craft where I get my craft on.
8. Gone to work. AKA put money in the bank for a rainy day. Which would be nice cuz it's awful rainy lately.
9. Whipped out some mad dance moves.
10. Made a good lunch instead of fundip and Vanilla Rooibos tea (which is quite good by the way).

Welcome to my life.

I think there are wayyy to many items on the S-W-C list.
Also, I'm blogging right now...
and not doing things on the list.
That's why it's a DOUBLE faceplam.