Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Larson-Radcliffe Love

(I'm still learning the video stuff...heads up:)
Also, sorry I'm so darn wiggly!

The Radcliffes came over tonight.
Ohh we have such a grand time.

Adults: Cards

Children: Dress Up

Matthew to his friend Darth Vader:
"We need a girl to fight over."
Anne: "Matthew what do you guys need??"
Darth Vader: "Uhhh...three people in the game!"

I don't know where they come up with what they say,
but I love it!!

He's the silliest boy I know.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Adventures of Super Matthew!

This is the best discovery ever!
I plugged in Anika's ipod to find that she and Matthew had done some voice acting.
It makes me laugh.
I love my little siblings so.

(p.s. this is the first video I've ever made in my life)
Sorry if it's silly!

For my Pop

This will be a short post. It is 12:32 a.m. after all.
But this is for my father whom I love.
If you take a look at my last two posts, you'll notice something different.
I have proper punctuation and capitalization and whatnot.
(Well it looks right at 12:30 anyway.)
I will continue with this thing called grammar so hopefully my dad won't go crazy.

Thursday, December 16, 2010


Mega's so addicting!!
If you have an itouch, I advise you not to get this app.
Unless you want to get addicted too (:

ANYWAY! The magnet power is by far my favorite.
It sucks in all the coins and boosts you up
while giving you mega points and height and all this
grand stuff.

It started out at just a blue magnet, nothing really special.
I kept buying and upgrading, buying and upgrading
so now i have the...wait for it

Okay. I don't know if you can read the description
here it is if you can't:
Become a black hole, pulling in everything around you
with a huge vortex that turn all coins into x2 coins.

It's probably the most amazing thing I've seen all week....probably

Look at it!
There's my little guy just gobbling those coins up
and making them times two!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The First : Anika

Well, I've been inspired to start a blog.
I finally found my camera in my closet
after searching for months and I'm determined to put it to good use!
Here goes (:

For starters, I'll talk about my sister (we took lots of pictures!)
We fight a lot,
and I'm usually the one that starts it.
But we're getting better.
We have some of the best times.
I love it when i pop in Totoro or the Hunchback of Notre Dam,
she come and snuggles with me.

She is such a good example to me.
Even when she doesn't want to she lets matthew play with her pet shops.
She loves animals and she doesn't let you push them around.
She writes love notes when she thinks you need them,
and you always do.

I love this girl so much.
Afters eight years full of prayers for a little sister,
Heavenly Father was kind and gave me what I asked for.