Friday, December 30, 2011


2012 is less than 2 days away.
It's exciting to think of all the changes that come with the new year.
And intimidating.
But with this fresh start I'm going to change some things about my blog.
Really this time.
I don't like the way it looks right now and I won't rest until I do!
So it's gonna get a little messy around here.
Just bear with me.
I'll figure it out.
May 2012 be kind to us all.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


I've been sitting here at work for over 5 hours.
Not just sitting though, I do work.
It's empty here, besides me.
That means I can blast my opera music.
Opera Music = Happy Katie

I kinda love you, Pavarotti.

Lets go to the Opera, shall we?

Monday, December 26, 2011

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Wait...It's Christmas Eve?

Not the usual Christmas Eve for the Larson family.
To start out the day, my dad went to the ER.
He has a bulging disk in his back according to the MRI.
But he's back home after an epidural and some drugs.
Lots of drugs?
Anything to keep the pain away I suppose.
I took Anika and Matt to see The Muppets.
Very cute by the way.
And in the $3 theater.
We had dinner at Sonic.
We cleaned the house.
Now we're about to open our Christmas Eve PJ's.
(and there's no snow. WTF?)

The most important thing to me this Christmas is that we're together.

Happy Holidays

Friday, December 23, 2011

Story Time

Here is the crazy story of my relationship with Jake
(p.s. this is kind of a lengthy story that gets a tad mushy at the end.
Read at your own risk.)

The first week of summer break my family went to Lake Tahoe, leaving me in PG because I was taking a summer class. Fun as it was staying with my grandparents, I wanted to hang out and have sleepovers with people my age. Some friends that I had grown up with, not seen in an few months, and that now lived half an hour away invited me over for the weekend and I gladly said yes.

Mary is a few years younger than me and her brother, Mike, is my age. We all watched a movie and Mary fell asleep. Long story short Mike and I decided to kiss because we were bored. NOT something I recommend folks. I went home the next afternoon and Mike and I texted. He obviously had some kind of feelings for me which I didn't return, but I continued to text him, again out of boredom (I need a life I know). Mike's texting would turn off at 11 every night and on June 6th we happened to be right in the middle of a conversation when it stopped. Conveniently, Mike was having a sleepover with Jake, his best friend, and decided to continue our chat from Jake's phone.

I now had Jake's number and the next day decided to text him. Why you say? Boredom strikes again! Sheesh, Katie. Anyway, we start to text, and text, and text, text, text. This kid is funny and smart and we seem to have to same sense of humor. I start to like him with out having met him yet and I may or may not have facebook stalked him. Mike wanted to go on a double date with me and have Jake bring someone else but Jake couldn't find anyone to bring, so on June 14th the three of us hung out.

I got there before the boys and was waiting for them in the living room. They walked in and I introduced myself to Jake. I put on a nice calm and cool facade, but the whole time I was thinking, "holy crap he is cute and funny and smart!! Breathe Katie, breathe. But OMG he's so cute ahhh!....." You know girl stuff like that. Oh! And this is the best part. A few days earlier he told  me that he played the guitar AND sang and I was like, "hot." I asked him if he would play me my favorite song, Just Like Heaven by The Cure, when we hung out. He said yes but he's a boy, there was no way he was really going to put effort into learning it for some strange girl he'd been texting the last couple of days. How wrong I was. He learned it and played it and I think my heart melted. This boy was 100% perfect in my eyes at this point.

We kind of flirted all night and even though I said I was just joking around (obviously wasn't) Mike wasn't alright with it and was a bit jealous. The next week, I think it was the 22nd of June, I was going to lagoon and at the last minute the friend I had invited and my dad both couldn't come so I invited the boys. Jake and I established that we both had feelings for each other, which made me quite happy. We were pretty flirty all day at the park, holding hands behind everyone else, sitting by each other as much as we could get away with, stuff that Mike was not happy with. By the end of the night things were pretty awkward because Jake and I weren't making much of an effort to hide our feelings and Mike wasn't making much of an effort to hide his anger. That was the last time Mike and I have seen each other.

Jake and I knew that we would never be able to hang out with Mike again, not the three of us at least,  and didn't know how long it would be before we could see each other again. So we decided to hang out, just us, on June 24th. He took me to my car which was parked in the Walmart parking lot because Mike lived right down the street. Safety first. As I was hugging him goodnight I wanted to kiss him but wasn't about to be the one to initiate it. That is a man's job. He probably could see it in my eyes or something and the next thing I know we had our first kiss. Only 10 days after meeting each other in person. No judging. I was basically on cloud 9 for the rest of the night, or week, or my life...same things.

The next week I went to Park City with my aunts, oma, and mom. Jake and I were texting lots, Mike and I were texting on and off. Finally Mike couldn't keep control of his emotions and decided to call me. The phone call was basically him yelling at me saying how could I go for his best friend, I'm a terrible person, his self esteem was shattered because of me, and lots of other nice things. What could I do? I said sorry over and over, trying to make it better because I was legitimately afraid that he was going to hurt himself. My mom could hear me crying and apologizing from the other room and decided she couldn't take it anymore. She came in, took the phone from me and told him it was not okay to treat me like that. Thank you momma for saving the day. That was the last time Mike and I talked.

Jake and I continued to see each other during the summer but talked about it and decided it was probably going to end up being a summer fling, with us living 30 minutes away from one another. School started and we made time to see each other at our favorite half way point, Smart Cookie. Mike and Jake were still friends at school and had football together. I never got to see Jake during the week because of football and so every weekend we would hang out. For all Mike knew, our relationship didn't last past the end of June, so some problems came up when he started asking Jake who this girlfriend was he was hanging out with every weekend. Thus, Allison Taylor was born, my alter ego.

Jake pulled her out of thin air when Mike was getting curious. Allison Taylor, 19 year old freshman at UVU, has a job on campus and brown hair. I guess Jake secretly likes older women? I was completely fine with this. Anything to keep Mike from knowing and turning in to the unstable, emotional wreck he turned into with just the thought that Jake and I were holding hands. A couple months went by and Mike still thought I was Allison. Jake always referred to me as her, even changing my name in his phone to Allison Taylor.

Stupid as this sounds, I was getting jealous of Ally. Yes, she was me, I was her, but really I was the only one that knew that. Is it so wrong to want your boyfriend to show you off and not have a secret identity for you?? We had our first fight towards the end of October about whether or not he should tell Mike. It only lasted about 3 hours but it still sucked. And to make matters worse, I lost. We decided that it would be better to remain Allison for a while. And I was really fine with it this time, not wanting Jake's friendship with Mike to end because of me.

We began to get sloppy, forgetting little, made up details about Ally and telling some people the ridiculous truth. Finally, a week ago, Jake decided that it was time to come clean and tell Mike. His response was not a pleasant one at first. But now I think he's calming down and putting it in the past. I'm not friends with him at the moment and I don't know if Jake's friendship with him will be the same, but hopefully things will be basically back to normal once school starts. Two good things from this? Allison Taylor is dead, I'm alive, muaha. And Jake is is my FB profile picture. What? I like looking at him.

So there you go. The story of Jake and I. It's a ridiculous one, full of love, jealousy, laughter, anger, and heart ache. But it all turned out alright. I may be young, but my love for him grows more and more every day. And if you think love in high school is impossible think again, because here it is. I may be only 17, but that doesn't mean I don't know how to interpret my feelings. Tomorrow, Christmas Eve, is the 6 month anniversary of our first kiss, and over those 6 months we have both grown. And we have both fallen in love.

Just  humor me and pretend my life in interesting.
Thanks a bunch (:

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Y U No Watch This

Being a meme lover myself...
this has got the be the cutest thing ever.

Smiled the whole time.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Facebook is a funny place.
It's a good place to find old friends,
stalk old lovers,
stalk new lovers ex's,
just stalk...

Some people think it's their diary,
some people think it's a debate tournament.
Whatever you think it is there is 
no denying that it's an interesting part of our lives.

One of my "friends" has made 4 posts within the last 48 hours.
They are clearly about me.
All these random people like it.
Do ya'll even know what's going on?

Just wondering...

Monday, December 19, 2011

Lets be Honest

YAY! The truth is out.
I have a boyfriend.

My name is not Allison Taylor.
I'm not a 19 year old student at UVU.
I'm not a pedophile.
This probably doesn't make much sense.
Just know I'm one happy camper.

Sunday, December 18, 2011


The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo is in Sweedish or something.
Do you think I can speak more than one language Netflix??

This Be My Sunday

Practiced some katakana.
Made some cookies.
Matt smashed his poor little finger in the couch. 
Played skipbo and lost.
Played combat uno and won!!
Now to watch Yes, Virginia
Then Funniest Home Videos
Then Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
(which I didn't think came out for a week but Netflix says so)
I love Sundays.

Saturday, December 17, 2011


I like pictures in my posts.
It makes them more exciting.
Plus they make everything easier.
If a picture is really worth 1000 words 
then just 2 pictures is 2000 words I don't have to think of.
Yay for easy.
Here are some random pictures on my iPod for your viewing pleasure.

Tonari no Totoro <3
That it is
Love this guy
I have a small crush on Ashitaka. Weird? Cuz he's a cartoon
You can find me by the fire at any given moment

6000 words, ya'll.

Friday, December 16, 2011


This is my 7th time tonight checking my dashboard.
Still no one has posted anything.
This just goes to show how much of a loser I am.
Sitting here.....
checking blogger every 10 minutes.
So what I'm saying is people better write about how awesome their Friday night was because mine was obviously nothing exciting.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

I Understand

I have a pc. Not a mac.
I've never really got why people take so many 
pictures of themselves on their macs.
I get it now.
Sitting in first period with Tori and Jared.
Bored out of our minds.
We took some pictures.
It was fun.

There is no shame in taking pictures of yourself like a 9th grader.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Mom: Katie, wake up!! It's 6:50, you're going to be late for you final!

Me: groggy
Whaaa..?? How did this happen!? I set five alarms!

mini heart attacks all around

Me: checks my phone
It's 2:50 mom, not 6:50! Sheesh, go back to bed.

Dad: runs out of room
What? What's going on?

Me: I'm going to bed. Crazies.

When I got home my room was clean because my mom felt that she "owed me."
Maybe finals aren't that bad?

I Wish I Was Funny

Some people have really funny lives.
So that means they have really funny blogs.
Unfortunately, I am not one of these people.
I'm too good. I follow the rules.

^I take pictures in photography class like I'm supposed to^
But I saw my teachers butt crack today.
Does that count as funny?


Friday, December 9, 2011

Life is Swell

I got an e-mail from Culex Inc. about an ALT (Assistant Language Teacher) position in Japan!!!
It turns out that their school year starts in April. I won't be graduated or have my Associates by then but I can apply in the fall for 2013. This is really perfect. I'll have time to take Japanese classes, get some college experience in, have fun, learn, grow and get ready to live abroad. My mom was also kind of freaking out about me up and leaving all of a sudden to a foreign country but now we are all satisfied! Life is swell.

Cuz waves are swells. Get it? Yaa....

The Future is a Mystery

As we draw nearer to the end of the first semester, I, along with many others, are faced with decisions. Life changing decisions. Here are a few of mine.

Southern Utah University
Utah State University
I will be graduating high school with my associates degree from UVU. It's been a hard three years but all my work will pay off. If I choose to go to college, I'll be given a scholarship for having my AA. But an other opportunity has come my way thanks to college in high school:
My dad served his mission in Japan and has some awesome contacts. A month ago, our friends the Adachi's came to dinner with us. It just so happens that Sister Adachi is a head hunter of sorts. She recruits English teachers. I made a nice little video about myself that she is going to show to someone in charge. Hopefully it works out.
I feel that luck is preparation meeting opportunity
Oprah Winfrey

What are you doing with your life?

Monday, November 28, 2011


I suck at blogging.
I say this every time I start again,
but I'm really going to try this time.
Go me.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Eighth Day

A song to match my mood.

I'm not really sure where my mind is lately.
Looking into all the different aspects of college and
life after graduation is kinda stressing me out.
But I'll figure it.

Oh please lemme figure this one out stat.

Seventh Day

My dream wedding.

I don't even know where this is...but it will be mine. 
Ducks and all.


Is it possible to be the bride and the bridesmaid? 
Cuz I love this dress.

If these aren't the cutest things...

The look on her face comes with the dress. 
Bring it.

I guess I like that?
Just not the sea shells, that would totally clash with my ducks.


Just to match the ducks.

This is Ryan Gosling.
And I'm serious ya'll...

Mmkay, see you guys in       years.

Sixth Day

A picture of an animal I'd like to keep as a pet.

This has to be the cutest thing you've ever seen.
If it would always stay this way, I would definitely own a little piggie.
His name would be Sheldon.
Awee I want a piglet...

Friday, September 23, 2011

What? I'm a great sister...

I may or may not have made my 7 year old brother take some garbage
out to a dumpster in the middle of the night because I was scared.
I know, I know, you all wish I was your sister.

Umm...way creepier at night.

Fifth Day

How important do I think education is?

Obviously educating ourselves is crazy important.
Important enough for me to be on my 15th year of schooling.
(That includes preschool and kinder, okay?)
Also, I'm probably going to do at least two more years.

I look like this all too often.

Learning things is a big deal, ya'll.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fourth Day

Favorite picture of my bestie.

This is Michalla.
She is the biggest babe around.
She completes me.

P.S. I took this picture!! Go me.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Third Day

My idea of the perfect first date.

Go to this place and play some house.

Go to this place and have some kick butt Belgian waffles.

Look at these.

The End